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Windows Driver Kit Introduction

Microsoft Logo Program and Driver Signing Overview
Download copy of WDK program, and click on the “Sign In” to register. If you are already registered, click on this link for SIGN IN

Sign in to the website and then click on Available Connections. Scroll down to “Microsoft Windows Driver Kit (WDK) Beta Program” and click on “Apply”. Please fill out the surver before downloading bits.


Microsoft Smart Card Developer Tools
Platform builder for Microsoft Windows CE 5.0. To download evaluation copy of Windows CE —Click here.

For information on mobile PC’s with smart cards, visit — Mobile and Embedded Development website


SDK Web Install
Windows Server 2003 SP1 Platform – April 2005 Edition. Available on Microsoft’s Download Website. You can use this SDK to develop both 32 and 64 bit applications.This SDK is also available as a low-cost CD and can be ordered using this same link. visit for more information


Walter Oney Software’s Oney CCID driver
Walter Oney Software offers a full-featured driver package for SmartCard readers and tokens conforming to the USB specification for Chip/Smart Card Interface Devices. Fully supports PC/SC Part 10, rev. 2.02.05 (12/08). Their driver is guaranteed to pass all the relevant WHQL tests. Trial version available for free download. Also available is a comprehensive test program for PC/SC Part 10. Visit for more information, or to download software drivers.


Driver Development Tools
Available on Microsoft’s MSDN website. Various tools and drivers for building, testing and debugging code. Visit for more information.


A CCID driver is available at
See also Ludovic Rousseau’s blog.