Work Process

PC/SC Workgroup members meet throughout the year to work on expanding the scope of the Specifications. New versions of the Specifications are released on a regular basis.

Continued work focuses on the following:

  • Many important technical issues remain to be addressed. This reflects the complex nature of the problem, and the potential impact on the larger community.
  • Emerging technologies also require that additional issues – beyond the implementation of ICCs and related PC applications – be considered.

The Workgroup appreciates feedback on the Specifications, and encourages extensions to the Workgroup efforts. We recognize that there are many important interoperability issues which still need to be resolved.

Workgroup members, and others, have implemented Compatible Products based on the PC/SC Specifications 1.0. We encourage others in the industry to do the same.

To see what the Workgroup is currently working on, see Specifications Update.