Test Cards

PC/SC Test Cards v.2.0

Microsoft has released an updated test card suite for smart card readers.
The Test Card Suite includes 5 cards: 2 cards from Infineon, 2 from Athena and 1 from Axalto. The Test Card Set v.2.0 will work for testing on Windows 10 as well as earlier platforms.
The PC/SC Workgroup manages the distribution of the these cards. The test card suite is available for purchase by members of PC/SC Workgroup at a discounted membership price. Those interested in membership should fill out the membership application and submit form and payment online located under the Members tab. Non-members can purchase test card sets without purchasing a membership or borrow the Loaner Set on a first-come, first-served basis, available for a 4-week loan period. Anyone interested in purchasing or loaning the test card set must complete and sign the adopter’s agreement shown below. For information on the Microsoft Loan Program and Test Card Program including pricing, click on the following link:

Click here for information on the New Test Card Suite (PDF document)

Click here for information on Microsoft Windows Logo Program v3.0.

Download, and review, the Adopter’s Agreement.


Order Microsoft Loaner Set v2.0


Order Test Cards v2.0 For Development


PC/SC Test Cards v.1.0

Though it is recommended to use the newer v.2.0 Test Suite, the PC/SC Workgroup still makes available the “PC/SC test card set for the Windows Logo Program” for two week loan periods. This Loaner Set can be used to perform tests using the old test suite, Since there is only one Loaner Set, it is critical that all manufacturers adhere to the two week loan period.

The Loaner Set includes 5 cards: Bull, G&D, IBM, Infineon/Siemens, Schlumberger. If you have these cards already, you can perform tests with what you have and you do not need to order the Loaner Set.

The PC/SC Workgroup will manage the distribution of the Loaner Set. We will send the Loaner Set out on a first-come, first-served basis. A $125 shipping/handling fee will be charged when the Loaner Set is shipped. A delinquency fee of $1,000 will be charged for each week or portion of a week that the cards are not returned (any delinquency fee proceeds will be used for the furtherance of the PC/SC standard). Also, we will report any delinquency to the Microsoft WHQL program for their attention.

For manufacturers who need cards for general development testing:

The PC/SC Workgroup has available the IBM and Siemens/Infineon test cards from the old Windows Logo Program test suite which can be used for general development testing. We will sell these cards for $50 each until they are sold out. Note that when individual cards sell out, we will not be able to fulfill any more orders for these cards.

To order the v1.0 Microsoft Loaner Set, or to order the IBM or Siemens/Infineon cards for general development testing, click on one of the buttons below:

Order Microsoft Loaner
Set v1.0
Order Test Cards v1.0 For Development


In case of problems with the order site, please send your request via email to info@pcscworkgroup.com.