PC/SC Workgroup Membership Overview

The PC/SC Workgroup encourages participation by all companies who agree with the PC/SC Workgroup’s Mission, and want to support the Workgroup’s Goals and Objectives.

The Workgroup offers one Membership Level.

  • Members provide the Workgroup with a broad-based fund of input and expertise.
  • Members make informed decisions based on input from the diversity of the membership.

The most compelling reason to join the PC/SC Workgroup: common standards which meet the needs of the diversity of companies which participate in the smart card industry. For other benefits, see Membership Benefits.

All new members are approved by the Member Forum, who review each Membership Applicationto ensure that all PC/SC members have a common purpose. The membership approval process takes up to two weeks. Upon approval, new members are asked to sign a member agreement. Membership Dues may then be paid via credit card at the PC/SC website, or via invoice.