Implementation Steps

To implement the PC/SC Specifications and achieve PC/SC compatibility for a product, proceed as follows:

1. Download, and review, the Adopter’s Agreement.

2. Please sign and send Adopter’s Agreement back to PC/SC Workgroup (email PDF to or fax to +1 925 855 0460)

3. Review the PC/SC Specifications Overview, to get a preview of what the Specifications provide.

4. Download the Specifications, and print them out.

5. Build or adapt your product, in conformance to the Specifications.

  • If you are developing for the Windows platform, refer to Microsoft for any other tools, information, and assistance which you need for the process.

6. Achieve PC/SC Compatibility:

  • If your product is Windows based: perform a self-test, using the materials and information provided by the Windows Hardware Quality Labs pages (WHQL). Once your product has received Windows Logo Program certification, it is automatically recognized as being PC/SC compliant and will be added to the list of PC/SC Compatible Products.
  • If your product is not Windows based: Contact PC/SC directly, for more information on achieving compatibility.